No Installation, Just You And The Browser

Testissimo is a web application that doesn't need any installation. No selenium server, client, etc… Just paste the script into your HTML or use browser plugin, see documentation.

No More "Wait For Element"

Testissimo automates the browser from inside. As a part of the tested application, Testissimo recognizes when the application is waiting for something like the server.

Blazing Fast

Running as a part of the tested application, Testissimo does not observe it from the "outside world", therefore there are no delays. It operates at 100% of your browser speed.

No Coding - Visual Test Builder

Thanks to components usage, it is a pleasure to write tests visually, and let Testissimo suggest values of used component variables.

Perfect Maintainability

Testissimo implements the Page-Object pattern. In all of your tests, you are using components reference, not directly HTML properties like selectors. If something changes, you just have to change the definition in one single place and all tests will work well again.

Built-in Version Control System

Like git, versions, forks, merging, conflicts resolving, commit tagging, refactoring? Testissimo has a versioning system built in with all of these features.

Headless Run

Of course, headless run and integrations with your CI is a must, Testissimo can be run in a headless browser, check the documentation to learn more.


in Testissimo, there is user action API and selector scaffolding API to extend built-in behavior and adjust it for tested application.

Intelligent Element Selectors

If you select an element by picking from HTML, not only will Testissimo automatically apply selector scaffolding rules but also applied selectors will be the most relevant and stable CSS selectors possible.

Rich Hinting And Linting

Testissimo includes "as you type" compilation so you need not worry of test crashes caused by typos. Testissimo also helps with automatic code formatting for better code readability.

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