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Painless Testing for All

Testissimo strongly focuses on making testing smooth, saves you time and money.
Keeping all testing features is needed to deliver large projects.

No More Asynchronous Code Mess

Tests must be easy to read, easy to maintain by programmers and non-programmers because senior developers are busy.

No More Fighting With Browsers

No more "wait for element". Testissimo is watching all async tasks that your application can do in the browser.

No More Endless Tests Repairing

The component pattern is centralizing all selectors and behaviors. When something changes, fixing tests is super easy.

Open Source

As a response to many requests from users, we decide to make Testissimo open source.
We will publish the whole Testissimo client and server source.

Suitable For Large Projects

At the end of the day, no real project is small. You can use
a whole set of built-in features to handle many tests and test suites.

Component Pattern

Organize simulated user actions into components and methods. Take advantage of its maintainability and visual test creation.

Version Control System

Built-in GIT-like system. Each version of your application should have the corresponding version of the tests.

Headless Run & Integration

Use Testissimo headless cloud run to run your tests at any time. It has a built-in SSH tunneling and supports webhooks.


Testissimo app is free and open-source.
Only the cloud run is paid after the free tier exceeded.

Testissimo App FREE
Testissimo Client and Server
Cloud Hosted for Free
Open Source
E-mail Support
Cloud Run Service FREE / PAID
Headless Run Service In Cloud
Free Tier
Pay As You Go
E-mail Priority Support

Why Testissimo?

Testissimo is a JavaScript application, which lives inside the browser. It becomes a part of the tested application, so it understands what's going on perfectly. This is automation from inside. Not like other solutions that automate browsers from outside like Selenium.
This gives Testissimo a huge advantage.

Testissimo Protractor Selenium Katalon
Can be used by non-programmers     only simple tests   only simple tests
App state and async tasks auto-detection       only angular apps   only elements wait
Built-in component or page object pattern    
Built-in version control    
Supports multiple browsers          
Is open-source          

Try Testissimo Now

No installation needed, just open Testissimo as a regular web page.

Testissimo is a product of Objectify s. r. o., a limited liability company having its registered seat at Martinengova 4881/46, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia. Copyright © 2019 Objectify. All rights reserved.