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No Installation, No Selenium - Just Pure Performance

Testissimo is written in JavaScript - it automates the browser from inside, as a part of the tested application, not from outside like Selenium or other testing tools do. Everything you need is a browser, no installation required. Testissimo understand the tested app perfectly, no more "wait for element" needed, so you can run your tests at the speed your hardware is capable of.

Truly Maintainable Tests

No matter what color, size, text, position or selector is applied to your button, the tests will always pass. The only reason your test shouldn't pass is when the button is disabled or its behavior is unexpected. Why ? Because if you are using components reference in all of your tests, then when a button changes in some way, you just have to change the definition in one single place and all tests will work well again. It is exactly like Page-Object pattern, which is rather commonly used by huge enterprise in testing.

Version Control System Like Git

When it comes to testing real apps, not just simple TODO lists, there are a lot of tests, many application versions, and more testers. To handle this complexity you need versions, forks, merging, conflicts resolving, commit tagging, refactoring. Testissimo has a versioning system built in with all of these features just for you to enjoy.

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No credit card needed. For all users we guarantee free layer. You only pay for compute power when running parallel tests headless in cloud.
No matter how many tests, components, test-suites and users are in your repositories. Check pricing for more details.

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