The Missing Nightwatch.js UI

Running and debugging Nightwatch.js tests made easy


Nightwatch.js + Testissimo  vs

The combination of Nightwatch.js and Testissimo has all's best features, but without their cons.

Nightwatch.js + Testissimo
Framework community and usage Huge, 100k+ Github repos Huge, 20k+ Github repos
App state and async tasks auto-detection    
Runner UI    
XHR, DOM changes recording    
Fixing or modifying tests in runner UI  
Cross browser  
Mobile browsers  
Cross domain  
Native upload  
Native popups  
Multiple browser windows  

What Is Testissimo?

Standalone open source Node.js application, which calls Nightwatch.js methods and adds some features.
To ensure compatibility with existing tests and future changes, it does not modify Nightwatch.js.

How To Get It?

Testissimo is in pre-alpha stage, core libs and proof of concept are done, and it is working.
We need to invest our time to finish and publish it (1-3 months until beta).
Please help us and show your interest by subscribing to the waiting list below.

    Project delivery:
  • 0 - 500 subscribers (low interest) - we will decide if the community really wants it later
  • 500 - 1000 subscribers (medium interest) - we will deliver it
  • 1000+ subscribers (hight intertest) - we will allocate more full-time developers and deliver it ASAP
Let us know if you want it, your vote is needed and we really appreciate it.

We will also send you the roadmap.
Testissimo is a product of Objectify s. r. o., a limited liability company having its registered seat at Martinengova 4881/46, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia. Copyright © 2019 Objectify. All rights reserved.